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Just a quick note: Yesterday I went with my buddy Clare, a local esthetician, to use my super awesome Living Social coupon at Angelina Skin Care, a local skin care boutique with products that are all natural, organic and YUMMY! Clare has been working with me at Luna - her studio, to come up with a fix for my perpetually troubling skin problems. Stay tuned for more details about this, as well as a review of the recent Jessner Peel that she gave me. If you live in Bend - check out both Luna Studios and Angelina's stuff.

Also - my new bed is awesome. We went shopping and pretty much bought the first one we laid on - maybe because I feel asleep and felt guilty, or maybe because we're just suckers for anything more comfortable than the mattress we've been sleeping on upside-down because it has a giant wallow in the middle. And by sleeping on upside-down, I mean that both the mattress is pillow-top down on the boxspring, exposing the firmer un-pillow-top side, AND we have been sleeping with our heads at the foot of the bed because we realized the wallow gave us new back and hip pain that was a reprieve from the old back and hip pain, and thereby somehow better. Anyway, the new bed is the "cheap" version of Temperpedic - the "Simplicity Soft" and after one night, I am pretty excited. Excited enough that I might defer a trip to Olympia until I get bored with sleeping on it. I will let you know if my enthusiasm about this un-researched, un-recommended wears off. However it does have a bunch of warranties and stuff so hopefully...

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