Things That Are In The Mail

I asked Josh for help on the holiday poem. His started off something like this:

“Jingle bells ringing while puppy dogs itch,
Kizzie is in the back room being a witch…”

Anyway, needless to say, I took over. The Holidays are a
magical time in the Weston house, so many cheerful voices
and happy puppies – at least that’s what I am going to read
into the shouting and jingle bells.

Hope you enjoy the censored version of our Holiday story,
and feel free to drop by anytime. The rum is always buttered
and the cookies haven’t gotten stale yet!

Much love,

Josh, Liv, Halle, Kiz, Nat and Aspen (and Truck, Emmy, Dagny and Rascal)

PS: Be warned, it's terrible. 

My Favorite Every-Things

(you know the tune)

Football on TV and soup in the crockpot
Dogs dressed like reindeer and
Movies with weak plots
Blubbery teenagers locked in their rooms
These are the things that cause parental swoons

3rd grader homework and 12 year old cello
Tuba sounds echo from attic to cellar
Backpacks with contraband high heeled shoes
This is why mom and dad feel abused

We have four girls
And three weird dogs One ridiculous bunny
Who thought that this was a brilliant idea?
It’s nothing short of funny

Girls all get moody and puppies like chewing
Rabbits don’t potty train
Carpets gets ruined
Nine year olds seldom take showers at will
Kizzie is lucky if she don’t get killed

Halle’s skiing
Aspen’s dancing
Josh is hiding downstairs
Truck he just sleeps all the day long and night
And Emmy is losing her hair

Kizzie takes pictures
Aspen takes long walks
Natalee plays with the rabbit and dogs
Even with trouble the kids get straight A’s
This means that somehow their parents are great?

Josh and Liv take turns working and whining
The bills are all paid
So there’s really no pining
Natalee plans to make all of us rich
Being a track star and concert cellist

Liv is shopping
Josh is cursing
All the girls do their chores (mostly)
If we survive through at least one more month
We’ll party on Waikiki shores!

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