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It's that time of year. A little early for spring I know, but it hit me last week sometime when On and On came on my iPod out of the blue and I realized I hadn't had a full blown Avetthon for a very long time. The holidays are over, and as life begins to fall back together in spite of the random emergencies that seem to think they have found their ultimate target at our house, a song sneaks in every here and there and reminds me of sunshine and long drives on open highways and everything just being alright. It is almost Music Season.

I ruined a romantic surprise that my Adorable Husband tried to sneak, but since he really only beat me by like 7 hours I am not sure that it totally counts. Shawn Mullins is coming to Bend on the 10th, and if you have known me for longer than like four days you know that if I have a favorite non-Avett song, it's Lullabye. Well, ok, Two Princes and MMMMBop are pretty high up there too. And Stay, by Lisa Loeb. But Shawn Mullins is the man. And he is coming to Bend on the 10th. Oh, did I already say that? Anyway, I decided I had better jump on tickets this morning, but I had a slight hunch that Josh might have/would be trying to surprise me with them, so I asked, and he was mad at me for ruining it, but I am just glad we got seats, since there was only like 10 left!! Now I have something to live for! (Other than the new National Parks Blankets at work)

Poor little Emmy came out of surgery yesterday with a funky bandaid and a cone of shame, which made us all need to watch Up really bad, which we did, and I know for a fact that at least Josh and I cried, as always. Josh feigned an allergy attack, acute onset of a new surprise allergy, since I have never known him to be allergic to anything other than giving compliments. But back to the cone of shame, and I will admit that I feel absolutely terrible at how hysterically funny it is to watch Emmy try to go through the dog door with it on. To her immense credit, she has figured out how to do it, which is no small feat!! But somehow spacial awareness of corners around door frames is still escaping her, so she bounces off at least three walls at any given corner. She doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, which is a hug relief, unless someone else is eating carrots that she can't reach outside of her cone. Watching her drink is the second most funny event in the house these days (first is watching Josh get mad about Aspen's lactose induced gassiness), as she literally shovels water into her cone and then tries not to drown while lapping it up before it spills all over the floor. Our kitchen floor is pretty much a pond right now, and the cute little wet ear tips she used to get drinking water have given way to a full-on cone of shame swirly.

Truck is using this time to carefully examine his behavior and question what terrible thing Emmy must have done to be punished so, and I am using his fear to reinforce my overprotectiveness toward my Pendleton blankets. "See Truck, this is what happens when you sleep on wool." Dagny is half curious and half could-care-less about the whole thing but wonders if she also should be having a hard time getting out the dog door, so she just poops inside to avoid the question. Cleaning up poop isn't nearly so bad when you have a Shawn Mullins concert next week.

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