Things That Are Discouraging

Once again, my heart was bigger than my budget. I was so excited to take on Japanese exchange students and daydreaming about all of the American fun we would have - the time has definitely been American but not so much fun.

I feel terrible for the burden that has fallen on Josh to run 7 kids all over the place (Sanna has been a huge help) while counting every penny out of the ash tray for gas. Starting a second job this week, which has also been one of the worst on record for pain, was another over-optimistic idea of mine. Turns out 46 hours of work don't leave time for sightseeing and making my fabulous recipes for these three girls that we have, who are, incidentally, very sweet. Also - I'm missing some of the last JV softball games of the season. Not that I've made it to any. It's like I don't even love my kids.

On top of everything, I have mismanaged the money to the tune of three overdraft charges, an empty tank of gas and the temptation to borrow money from my 13 year old. Didn't I leave these days way behind me? Apparently my financial tendencies have clung to me like Ruth from the old testament: "whither thou goest..." I should be more upset with myself but its as much as I can do to crawl into my couch after 10 hours of work and die, so a thirty dollar overdraft seems petty. When did I become such a huge baby? I want to stamp my foot and throw a fit, but when I tried that last week it didn't go over so well.

On top of everything, my back is out awesomely, and one of my kids had the bright idea to bring home a cold from school and share it. So now we are all coughing, scratchy throated grouches. So much for my awesome menu. I hope these girls like burritos! Hey, they're American! Wait...

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