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Yesterday was Mother's Day. Of course this meant that I could do anything that I wanted to do. Apparently what I wanted to do was eat leftover pizza for breakfast, go to work, come home to a trashed house and very crabby children and leave again for a BBQ at the Bob's. Or maybe it's the Sikorsky's. Both names are cool last names but I kind of like to say the Bob's. In between work and The Bob's I made Josh ride his bike to the Old Mill so we could wander aimlessly for an hour or so and I could try on a random assortment of shoes and chairs. The chairs were definitely more comfortable than the shoes and I think I successfully guilted Josh into buying me this for Mother's Day:

Super appropriate for fire season, concert season and just hanging out on the floor at REI for awhile. Which is totally what I did. Plus it's orange. The other options, including the Alite Monarch Butterfly and the REI version without an interesting name were nice, but after at least 37 minutes in each, the Mayfly maintained a comfort level that the others couldn't compete with. Josh is of course waiting for Friday when we each get a 20% off of one item coupon, and I will probably buy him one for Father's Day with my coupon, except in Tactical Black. For his special ops outings. 

I used Mother's Day as an excuse to buy myself a couple of new shirts at the Buckle as well, since they were 60% off this week for employees. It made sense at the time, when I was grumpy at my kids for not lavishing me with an extraordinary breakfast and strings of diamonds that morning. The new pair of jeans that I put on layaway was a bit of a stretch to justify, but since I listed a ton of my old jeans on eBay (go here: Liv's eBay stuff to be like me) I figured it was almost ok. And layaway is totally different than impulse shopping. Right?

Maybe this morning is a better version of Mother's Day for me, since I am doing my favorite thing: laying on the couch with coffee and dogs and more or less wasting time. I really enjoy the exhilaration of not HAVING to be anywhere right this second. OH CRAP. I forgot to get meat out of the freezer. Stand by. 

Ok. Crisis narrowly averted. I have discovered, as the years go by, that all of the best intentions in the world (and this includes walking all the way into the garage to get the meat out but forgetting why I was there) do nothing to make frozen steaks thaw faster. Hot water, however, does. The plan is to BBQ tonight, and sometime between now and 630ish I need to make potato salad and banana bread with a million overripe bananas that Aspen brought home from school to help us out with the oft-complained-about grocery bill. because she is awesome. She is so awesome, that not only was the she first and only kid to tell me Happy Mother's day yesterday morning, she made me this, wherein she details 10 reasons she loves me, including my Smokey Bear Decor and my forgetfulness:

best mother's day present ever!

So it's not like I can say that mother's day was a total bust - I got to sit around all night and solve the world's problems with Halle and Josh and The Bob's, and stuff myself on delicious food that I didn't have to cook (always a win for me!). And today, I don't have to be anywhere in particular all day long. That's just nice. I should be cleaning/packing/freaking out that I have about a month to have my messy self removed from this location. But there's always tomorrow for stuff like that, right? 

Lest y'all think that I am competely lazy (not that I am not) I must say in my own defense that I have done laundry and listed several many auctions and almost finished my coffee this morning. AND I am dressed. Bra and all. That should count for an industrious morning, no? Next step, pre banana bread and potato salad, is cleaning up "Josh's" office (which I use twice as much and prefer messy) and my room, which is daunting enough to make me need a nap just imagining it. And since I have nowhere I HAVE to be... OK fine. I'll go run my errands.

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