Things That I Have Accomplished

I am not gonna deny it. I am pretty darn proud that I have single handedly trained Emmy to sing along to Kokomo. At first it was only if I hummed it, but by now she chimes in as soon as I start to play it on iTunes. You have to admit - I am awesome. Emmy Singing

I have also, while sitting here on my couch in pain and bemoaning the lack of heavy cream for my coffee, developed a business plan for a drive through grocery store where people like me don't have to get out of the car to get necessities. A little Wall-E -ish? Maybe. But highly useful on days like today, when I should definitely not have been inside Ray's Food Place in my hairy yoga pants, lambie slippers and bed head. I would have cared more, but, well, I just didn't. Drive through grocery shoppuing would have also eliminated the need for me to buy the brownie mixes that were on sale, since I wouldn't have seen them sitting there by the dairy section, which also prompted the purchase of ice cream to have with the brownies. Then I needed cherry pie filling to complete the Ultimate Desert. And all I went in for was heavy cream and hot dog buns. The hot dog buns were the only missing element to the chili dogs that I am "making" for dinner tonight as a reward for slaving away over a Ginormous Pot of Chicken and Rice soup and a Hugungous Batch of Homemade Granola from Scratch yesterday. "Making" is in quotations because all I have to do is open the half gallon of chili from Cash N Carry and I have dinner for three nights. BAM! Last night Mom said I should have Josh make the chicken soup but I was worried he would put raisins and ketchup in it, since those seem to be his failsafe ingredients for everything.

It is cloudy today, and I guess I have gotten spoiled with the sunshine because I feel entirely put out that there is no sunlight streaming through my dirty windows. To compensate, I am listening to Kokomo, of course, and Walk Off The Earth. If you haven't heard them sing Summer Vibe, you should. Especially in February, when it's cloudy.

I love these guys. While I am not normally a huge advocate of cover bands (unless my cousins and daughter are playing Ukelele and Tuba, covering the Lumineers) this band is absolutely RAD. And they have some of their own stuff that is as good as their covers - and that is saying ALOT. Sometime, I plan on seeing them live. But they got so big so fast that a huge arena is less than appealing. Maybe I'll just friend them on FB and request a private concert. They seem like super cool people so I am sure they'd be game.

Today is a day with a lot of pain. I am trying to ignore it but it's not working. So then I distract myself with ideas of how to deal with it. Like going for a 6 mile sprint, but then I imagine getting a quarter mile in and ending up curled on the cold sidewalk and having to figure out how to get back to the house without moving. So then I think about drugs, but A) none of them are helping B) the pain is making me too nauseous to eat anything to buffer them and C) none of them are helping. I also feel like my brain is slowly decomposing and I can't formulate any coherent thoughts. I am blaming drugs but since I have been skipping them a lot maybe it's actually the pain that's making me fuzzy. Which gives me all the more reason to hate it. I contemplate posting something on Facebook about how I feel like I am in labor, but with no baby, but realize nobody wants to hear that, and the gratuitious nod of sympathy I would get would only highlight my desperate grab for attention or help or???? It seems like shopping helps with the pain, but it turns out I spent all of our money AND I don't need anything, except another pair of Lambie Ballet slippers from Bath and Body Works, which are going for $80 on eBay. I must have good taste. They are my all time favorite slippers, and for anyone familiar with my slipper fetish, that's a lot of like. I should be listing stuff on eBay, doing laundry, cleaning my disgusting house, organizing the office, making a spread sheet I have been putting off for a week, and a million other things, but I stand up from the couch, and when I recover from almost passing out, I can't remember what I was going to do. So I reheat my heat pack (which is one of those little bears from Costco - love it) and sit back down. Stupid Uterus. One more listen to Summer Vibe, and maybe I will feel better. Or Kokomo, with Emmy.

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