Things That Are Happening

It's fire season. And my computer is fixed. (Thank GOD). This means several things: you can begin to prepare yourself emotionally for my annual review of books, which is shaping up to be QUITE eclectic and... practical, this year. Also, it's time for happiness. It's time for working my buns off to be better. To be whole. To be me. The one that my kids need and my family needs and my friends need. So, I changed my blog layout. To be happy. To be loud and tottering right on the brink of obnoxious.

All those Facebook quizzes can't lie. When they say that I am 51% good and I am Destined to Be a World Changer. And that I am supposed to be blonde, and we all know that blondes have more fun. And the fact that TWO (2) little girls in the elementary school wrote tributes to me as a Person Of Positive Influence in their lives has to mean something, right? It's hard to speak self worth to four gorgeous, intelligent, hilarious daughters when I am continuously questioning my own. I have so very much to be thankful for, and, in all humility, a lot to be proud of. Nothing that I have done on my own, without the immense support of an amazing, if quirky, family, a supportive husband and crazy awesome friends. At this moment in time I am under the strong impression that for my own sanity and that of my kids, it is time to regroup and reclaim our awesomeness. Even in the moments that we don't feel like it. Or want to try. We must. Remember the awesomeness that doesn't require money, or the absolute assurance of success in every endeavor. Just the confidence that we CAN DO IT. Because we have.

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