Things I've Learned Lately

1. Leftover Chinese food isn't always a good idea. 

2. Kids can be taught to sew on buttons, but not to have good taste. 

3. If it looks like a pile of crap, smells like a pile of crap, feels like a pile of crap and tastes like a pile of crap, it's probably a pile of crap. (And why the HECK did I need to taste it to be sure?) 

4. If you buy enough pre-sweetened cold cereal, you don't need to cook any more. 

5. Sometimes quitting is the answer. 

6. Sadness can be so heavy. Like a million pounds. Almost impossible to carry. 

7. I need to work out. 

8. Sometimes you do regret going for a run. 

9. People still lie. All the time. Even when you don't think they do. They do. 

10. Sometimes the bootstraps wear out, and all of your "pulling yourself up" muscles hurt from the run you wished you hadn't gone on. Sometimes you just cling by your fingernails and watch them break off on at a time. And then you just have to come to terms with the fact that you can't. You just can't. And you close your eyes, and pray, and just believe. Believe. In spite of all the reasons not to. You believe that Somebody will be there to catch you. 

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