Things I Have Done In the Last Week

1. Taught kindergarten, including the days of the week song.

2. Got a lot of blood on my new jeans.

3. Taught Nattie how to make toffee bars 

4. My own darn laundry

5. Got offered a job as the lead writer for a small local publication.

6. Taught geometry and writing summary paragraphs in special ed.

7. Drank some good beer.

8. And wine.

9. And Moscow Mules.

10. Purged the house of three giant piles of junk.

11. Warded off/eradicated: fleas, head lice and at least three viruses.

12. Succesfully avoided any form of exercise.

13. Got a massage. (oh, Heaven.)

14. Worked a double shift.

15. Wrote an article. Or two. Hundred.

16. Listened to a lot of music.

18. Double booked myself at at least four jobs.

19. Made plans to run away.

20. Bought 3 cases of olives.

21. Went to my first out of town middle school athletic event.

22. Kept going. All 7 days. Against my better judgement and very strong will.

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