Things About New Years

Princess Leia. There. I got your attention.

I am hereby, as of this blog post, on 2:17 PM, December 31, 2014, enacting a new annual family tradition. That is the requisite viewing of the 1956  classic "Bundle Of Joy", starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher - AKA Princess Leia's, or Carrie Fisher, if you must, biological parents. And you thought I was just using that as an attention ploy.

If you have seen this movie, you love every ridiculous and unaccounted for musical number. If you haven't, then I pity you, and it's well overdue.

First of all, Debbie Reynolds is just, awesome. I don't care who you are, if you don't love Debbie Reynolds you must be dead. Eddie Fisher is tolerable, as the genetic contributor to Carrie Fisher's composition, and a voice to weaken the knees. But you will notice that throughout the movie, his facial expression (or lack thereof) pretty much never changes.

Of all of the ridiculous old musicals that I have seen, and love, this one stands out as the most quotable, most singable and most adorable. And quite possible the most little known. All of that changes today.

This is important today, because, well, New Years. Which happens to be the pivotal moment in this love story. And also when Debbie Reynolds pretends to be a foreign princess.

The good news for you, sitting at home and wondering what in the world to do this New Years Holiday, is that you can watch this delight on Amazon for $14.99. Right now. Like I am. And subjecting three of my own girls along with three foreign exchange students to the full glory of several poor excuses to hear Eddie Fisher sing (but not emote). And Debbie Reynolds. 


and Oppy New Year. 

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