Things I found.

...and then the lightening flashed, and the wind ripped angrily through the shuddering forest of emotion. 

And my soul stood along, violently twisted around the agony of shattered delusion. 

And the rain poured down over the jagged crevasses and unforgiving caverns that stood gaping in the dark expanse of my desolate heart. 

And then the clouds parted, and a supernatural light stole through the bleak landscape that was my mind. 

It crept over the rough terrain of my heart, discovering every hidden cave and crack of darkness, every shrouded bit of reminiscent hope. 

And then at last the darkness yielded to the light which it could not overcome, and painfully, the twisting kf the storm began to twirl it's way into the wonder filled colors of a rainbow...

(Written 7/29/1998 at Marble) 

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