Things You Can Do

All that jazz about "if you can dream it, you can do it!" and "she thought she could so she did..." and stuff like that? They always forget to tell you about the hard work and the snail's pace crawl on the way there.

I'm not really hoping to get rich quick, although that would be nice. I am not even planning on any sort of early retirement, or living in the lap of luxury, or any lap for that matter.

But I'm always looking for the right door to open, or in some cases, window that I have to crawl through. Like a thief. Stealing my destiny.

Today was a window. Not a door. It was one stumbling step along the way to get to the place that I believe I will eventually wind up.

Today I signed some papers and did some promising with big smiles and weighty commitments for two more part time jobs. That brings me to four total part time jobs. None of which pay very well, but most of which I don't really mind doing. And I am thankful for them. All of them.

Sometimes, right in the middle of a promise to not let down the person that is offering me minimum wage, it occurs to me that I should do more. Be more. It's great that the struggle is real. But the Real is exhausting. It's not that I am unwilling to do it, or ungrateful for the work. But I am juggling a lot of things and that alone speaks to a talent that should at least come with a paid vacation. But not quite yet. Maybe over the next hill. Or through the next window.

Today was a melancholy day of harsh realizations and slight let downs. But it wasn't a bad day.

It snowed. And we saw the biggest Whitetail Buck I have ever seen. He was so big he had half a Christmas tree tangled in his antlers when he stepped out of the snowy woods. He was totally Bambi's dad. And he somehow survived late buck season. Shortly thereafter, following my friend on the dark snowy road home from middle school basketball in Curlew, she hit a cougar. A mountain lion. With her car. We couldn't find it, or the body, in the dark, but partially because we were too afraid to look very hard. But still. A cougar. In the snow. On the road. And a Very Large Buck. And a middle school basketball game. And snow. And a big stein of Very Good Beer. Overall, I came out on top.

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